Full-Height Backsplash

Full-Height Backsplash

Are you ready for the perfect backsplash that has no annoying grout lines and provides the protection you need when creating in your kitchen? The solution is as simple as calling 612-270-4239 to speak to the Rock Solid Tops pros about a full-height backsplash installation. This exciting design feature adds impact to kitchens across the Twin Cities region while also adding to the feeling of space and openness.

What Are Full-Height Backsplashes?

A full-height backsplash extends from the counter surface to the base of your upper cabinets or even to the ceiling if there are no cabinets or shelving on the wall. So you are creating a perfectly smooth surface to protect the walls for easy cleaning and an amazing amount of WOW factor. But this design feature can do even more if you are ready to be a little daring and bold.

Double The Impact

While the material used for your full-height backsplash is the same as your counter surface, the color does not need to be a perfect match. Many homeowners opt to go a bit lighter on the backsplash to keep the space feeling light and airy. The complementary colors will provide more WOW factor and still deliver easy cleaning and care for both surfaces.

The Amazing Benefits Of Full-Height Backsplashes

Functionality is always crucial in a kitchen, and enlarging the size of your backsplash is one of the easiest ways to make life easier when cooking and cleaning the space. Homeowners love full-height backsplashes for so many reasons, including:

  • No grout lines for easy cleanup and no staining issues
  • The luxurious appearance of the surface
  • The smooth surface is visually pleasing and adds to the spacious feel of the room
  • The large surface creates an equally significant impact on the space
  • Your color choice can create a focal point or tie the space together with seamless unity
  • No more regular maintenance and painting of the wall space

Planning For Full-Height Backsplashes

As you might imagine, it is vital that you carefully consider your future needs before installing this innovative backsplash. The primary concern is that you will no longer have easy access to the wall or any electrical components behind it. So think about the outlets that you have and if you might like to add more before installing the solid surface.

Also, consider the added impact you could enjoy from features like under-cabinet lighting to highlight your fabulous new full-height backsplash. This feature and any new outlets can be added before the backsplash installation to ensure that your dream kitchen becomes a reality once your new backsplash is installed.

The Secret Is Expert Installation

When adding a large sheet of surface to your walls, the installation process needs to be precise. That backsplash needs to fit perfectly around windows, electrical outlets, switches, and any other features on the wall. The team at Rock Solid Tops has over three decades of experience creating the perfect look for your kitchen, thanks to the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail. Call 612-270-4239 to learn more about transforming your kitchen with a full-height backsplash.