Counter Tops For Sale in Plymouth MN

Plymouth countertops

When you need new countertops for your Plymouth home, there are many factors to consider. You want to make sure that the investment you are making is a wise financial choice and one that will meet your needs and provide the visual appeal you want in your home. The team of experts at           Rock Solid Tops has guided community members through this exciting process for over three decades. And we look forward to working with you to create the ideal work surface to enhance the beauty and function of your Plymouth home.

The Rock Solid Tops Difference

When you work with the team at Rock Solid Tops, we are here to offer much more than a slab of stone for your countertops, conference room table, dining table, or shower surround. Our service begins with an initial meeting where we answer your questions, provide our professional input, take careful measurements, and make detailed notes regarding your needs and the space.

Once the material is selected, we handle everything needed to get your perfect countertop surface to your home. That can include importing the materials, fabrication, and finishing the surfaces. Then, with all the materials ready, our team of experts with decades of experience arrives at your home for the custom installation. We strive to complete the installation process as quickly as possible to limit the disruption of your home and daily routine.

The Benefits Of Quartz

Quartz countertops are a man-made surface that uses mines crystals and resin binders to create a very solid countertop surface. Unlike natural stone, this surface never needs to be sealed and is very easy to maintain with routine cleaning processes like soap and water or a disinfectant wipe. In addition, the nonporous surface is ideal for your kitchen as it is not prone to scratches and nicks that can harbor bacteria. Finally, because the surface is manufactured, there are many options for sizing to provide countertops without seams.

The Benefits Of Granite

Granite countertops provide the timeless beauty of natural stone. This premium choice comes in a wide array of colors, and each slab has its own unique pattern and coloring. As a natural stone, granite is heat resistant and not susceptible to scratching. With professional sealing, your new granite countertops will also be resistant to stains and absorbing liquids. When looking at the return on your investment, granite countertops always offer an outstanding ROI and appeal to buyers.

Attractions In Plymouth

The Urban Air Trampoline And Adventure Park is an excellent place for kids of all ages to enjoy exploration and activities, including a ropes course, warrior course, trapeze, dodge ball, and wipeout.

Visit Plymouth Creek Disc Golf Course to enjoy family time, exercise, and some friendly competition. This mostly wooded 15 hole course will provide hours of fun for the whole family.  

The Hilde Performance Center is a 45-foot tall open air facility that hosts the Live at the Hilde concert series and many independent concerts. Events are offered year-round at this one-of-a-kind venue for the entire family to enjoy.