Countertop Trends

Countertop Trends - Surfaces - Eden Prairie Quartz Kitchen Countertops

As with all style and design choices, the trends in countertops evolve to meet the needs and visual interests of current consumers. As the heart of almost every home in Minneapolis, a kitchen is a multifunctional place for everything from preparing meals to gathering for family time and heartfelt conversations, but regardless of the role that the kitchen is playing, homeowners all agree that they want the space to look great and include these trending features.

Larger Center Island

A large center island is essential in any kitchen these days. It meets many needs, from a chef’s workplace to a spot for a snack or quick meal or the go-to for completing homework. These massive new features are also home to sinks, an extra prep sink, cooking surfaces, and tons of much appreciated additional storage. And the best-dressed kitchen islands sport custom granite, quartz, marble, or other natural stone countertops that have been fabricated and installed by the Rock Solid Tops team.  

Waterfall Edges

For a clean, sleek design, homeowners gravitate towards waterfall edges to add more WOW factors to their kitchen islands. The stone surface of the countertop makes a precise 90 degree turn at the end of the island and carries the stonework to the floor. The look gives a more modern feel and ensures that your island made of white marble quartz will be the crown jewel of the kitchen and likely the entire house.

Full Height Backsplash

When you take the countertop surface to the floor, it is vital to have another design feature that accentuates the room’s height, and nothing does it better than a full-height backsplash. This massive slab of stone pulls the eye up to the rafters to add dramatic impact and a feeling of more than ample space. On a more functional note, no wall surface is easier to clean than a gorgeous slab of marble, granite, or quartz.

Brushed Leather, Honed Finish, Or Polished

You have picked your material, the locations for these impressive stone slabs, and the artisans who will craft and install them to create your masterpiece kitchen. But there is one final choice, the finish. The trending triple threat means you can’t go wrong when you select one of the following:

  • Brushed Leather – As you might have guessed, this newcomer offers less flash and gloss but makes up for it with a textured appearance that feels very authentic to the natural stone surface. This look enhances the stone’s natural color and will make even a darker selection pop.
  • Honed Finish – This finish is a bit toned down from a full gloss to eliminate the reflective nature. The surface is entirely smooth after extensive buffing, which can take darker colors a shade or two lighter than the slab’s original appearance.
  • Polished – This shiny and very reflective surface is the gold standard in high-end countertop finishes. The stone is meticulously polished to create a high-gloss look and provide a slightly darker and richer tone to the finished countertop.

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