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Why Marble?

Marble starts out as a sediment at the bottom of large bodies of water.  After millions of years this solidifies into stone.  Marble can have a huge variety of textures, colors and depths, depending on the temperature and pressure at which it was formed.

We recommend marble for bathrooms over kitchens as it will not be exposed to as many staining etching materials. Marble is softer than granite so cutting directly on marble will scratch. Marble can be affected by acids such as vinegar and citrus and cause them to etch.  Etching is an instant chemical reaction. Take special care not to have items that contain acid on marble tops like citrus fruit, cosmetics, tomatoes, wine and other alcohols. Wipe up all spills immediately.

Marble is susceptible to all types of stains including water stains so be sure to always use coasters and placemats under all glasses and dishes. 

Cleaning Marble Countertops
For daily cleaning use mild dish soap like Ivory®, warm water and a soft clean cloth. You can also use any water-based spray cleaner such as clear vinegar formula Windex® or Natural Stone Cleaner 409® 

Sealing Marble Countertops
Your countertops have been sealed prior to installation.  It is recommended to seal marble top at least once a year.  

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